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We have been creating software for adult classifieds for almost 10 years. Throughout the time we have been growing steadily under the idea of bringing high-end web solutions to adult advertising. We focused first on crafting premium escort directories such as LoveHub.com and ShemaleDubai.me later customizing our services to different markets as well as involving our resources in totally experimental projects. We continue launching new classifieds websites in different parts of the world, for example Dubai-Chicks.me, InstantLover.com, DubaiLove.me and many more. We listen carefully to our clients and predict the demand for new escort advertising.

Increasing popularity of websites such as CosmoHotties.com proves that we continue to successfully discover the needs on the market. We believe that adult entertainment may lead the way in the world of the modern web. Along with advanced software we strive to provide the best user experience. We employ curators who control the quality of the content plus we support advertisers assisting them during the creation and promotion of their adverts. We have gathered an experienced team of search engine experts, developers and designers working together to create top-notch websites on the adult entertainment market.

Brief Overview


Monthly visits

This figure makes up over 10 000 000 profile views. Users spend over 5 minutes on average on the websites we run. We consequently increase the traffic on our websites building strong and reliable brands.


years in the business

We started as a small company with the ambitious goal of providing state-of-the-art web solutions to advertisers. Now we own and operate over 30 online classifieds directories.


Targeted markets

We strive to create the best channel of communication between advertisers and their clients. We do not simply generate the traffic. Our goal is to help people reach the right groups and sell their services.

Business Inquiries

We deal with contact requests chronologically. If you do not receive an immediate answer please be patient, our operator will get back to you within 24 hours.

Contact details are sensitive data for us. This data will only be used in relation to your inquiry and will not be disclosed to anyone not involved in the conversation.

Contact our helpdesk

We provide daily support for users of our websites. If you have any problems with your advertisements, need any assistance with classifieds or simply want to report something that caught your eye, contact us and one of our helpdesk agents will get back to you within 24 hours.